“Don’t just build.”
“Collaborate with a Texas-class designer!”

Design & Floor Plan Consultation

Whether you need a consultation and guidance regarding the functionality and floor plan of a new build or seamlessly blending two spaces in a remodel, Fidelis Design Co., FDC, will guide you in the design process.

Cabinetry Consultation & Planning

With over 10 years of experience in designing cabinetry for kitchens, baths, built-ins, offices, libraries, laundry rooms, and other living spaces, FDC will guide you through the process of selecting and placing your cabinets in the most efficient places.

Space Planning for Kitchen and Baths

Since 2008, Kate has been working with custom builders and general contractors to ensure spaces are curated to withstand daily use and functionality while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Kate Parry

With over 13 years of experience in custom cabinetry, Kate’s knowledge and experience gives her the ability to relate to the needs of a homeowner and the demands of building and construction.

Now more than ever homeowners want homes that are designed to meet their specific needs.

Yet, oftentimes smaller builders and contractors struggle because they lack functional design expertise and experience, but they can’t afford to hire a full time design company.

Fidelis Design Co. offers a suite of planning and design services at entry level costs. We’ve removed the barriers for new artisan and larger non-corporate builders, so now you can access a professional design company in Longview, TX or the surrounding areas without the hefty price.

Imagine a day where your custom homes have:

  • Truly personalized design elements and concepts that make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Functionality of each individual space, designed and customized for your client.
  • Beautifully designed spaces that new homeowners are excited to share with others.

Inspired by client dreams, FDC impeccably curates a space where craftsmanship and functionality combine– from the final installation to the last finishing touches.

Fidelis Design Co. Design Consultant for Longview, TX

At Fidelis Design Co. you can capture exactly what your homeowner wants with our experienced professional designer who has a strong understanding of floor plan design and layout, and specializes in the functionality and use of spaces.

You are a builder, an expert tradesman, skilled in your craft. You’re not an efficiency expert and design consultant.

Stop stressing over design details like hard surface selections, color schemes, cabinetry layouts and appropriate appliance placement, and designs that create functional spaces, and focus on what you do best, building custom homes.

If you are a new small builder or general contractor and you are ready to take your builds to the next level, contact us today for your free consultation.

Working with us is simple.

Step One: Determine if we are a good fit for one another.

We’ll start with a free, no commitment, 30 min phone call to discuss your project, and the scope of work needed.

Step Two: Consultation

We will travel from Longview to Tyler or Marshall, TX, or Shreveport, LA. If we are a good match, we’ll then meet you on site for a consultation. After this meeting, our team will provide a complete quote, so you’re fully aware of costs before making a commitment. Note: $150.00 fee will be charged for initial site visits.

Step Three: Design Development & Process

We will communicate directly with your homeowner, if needed, and explore their wishes and goals to ensure a tailor made design solution is shaped by how your client lives. Whether it’s a new build, or a remodel, leave the design work to us. It’s that simple, all you have to do is put our design plan to work.

With Fidelis Design Co. we will add value to your next build without the cost of having to hire another Longview, TX designer on full time payroll or putting your loved ones to work when they really don’t have the proper education and drive for interior design functionality and space planning.

Rest assured, working with Fidelis Design Co. allows you to increase the sale potential of your project but remarkably save you capital.